Virtual one-on-one listening sessions

Welcome to a network where everyone listens and is listened to.
In equal turns. On their own terms.

Running from Oct. 16 to Dec. 15

Welcome to a network where everyone listens and is listened to.
In equal turns. On their own terms.

Running from Oct. 16 to Dec. 15!

For your chosen purposes. Personal and professional.

“…what do we need to fully show up and dig in?

We need space, we need commitment, we need intention.”

-Brené Brown

(Dare to Lead podcast. Here’s the link: “Brené and Barrett on Building Brave Spaces“)

Let’s start with “why”

Good things happen when we listen to each other
We lift each other up with the power of listening! Women’s Listening Space exists to make it easy for you to meet women who also understand that listening is a unique way to support yourself and others.

Interconnection is strength
The ‘jogging buddy’ effect is real and worth harnessing. The ideal of ‘going it alone’ no longer serves us.
Our individuality thrives more, not less, when we grasp and work with the reality that we are interconnected. 

Improving your life = Improving our world
In the spirit of mutual benefit, we understand that care for self, others, and Earth are inseparable.
We are part of humanity’s practical movement towards personal and collective well-being — and joy!  

The benefits

During and after listening sessions women report experiencing:


Tap into a network of new connections

Women’s Listening Space creates the context for an abundance of one-on-one quality time.

Showing up and listening to each other is a shared path to mutual benefit, understanding, and appreciation.

Women’s Listening Space is an intentional container for respect-filled support and the joy of camaraderie. We nurture each other’s clear thinking, multi-layered emotions, and wise actions.

thrive symbiotically here.

Women’s Listening Space makes it easier to:
1) Meet women who value listening as much as you do.
2) Build trust based on shared values.
3) Win the calendar game!

Who Women's Listening Space is for

self-identified women who are at least 19 years old and have:

Reliable access to their calm, inner center

Healthy boundaries

Supportive life circumstances

Respect for ideas and experiences that differ from their own

Writers, entrepreneurs, retirees, mothers, professionals, caregivers, students, and more

What do we do together? Listening sessions.

Always virtual (phone or video). Always one-on-one.
Listening sessions have a simple and flexible structure. A standard 60-minute session has four parts:

Listening sessions can be adapted to fit your schedule and interests. For example, you and your listening partner can both write for a set amount of time and then take equal turns sharing.

Every listening session is a path of choices and discoveries

During your turn to be heard you choose:

– How you want to be listened to
– The type of response you want — if any
– A topic that is meaningful for you

Certain topics and behaviors are outside the scope of Women's Listening Space. 

  • Giving unsolicited feedback or advice
  • Trying to convince your listening partner of anything
    (This includes suggesting that she buy, believe, say, try, donate, or do anything)
  • Hate speech
  • Plans to intentionally harm yourself or others
  • Mentioning that you are aware of current or potential abuse or actual plans to harm someone
  • Graphic descriptions of sex, violence, abuse, or trauma
  • Indicating that you are in danger, crisis, or a state that you cannot return to your center/self-regulate from
  • Being under the influence of intoxicants
Click here to read the list of them Read Less

During your turn to listen you provide:

– Your attention and presence
– The style of listening your partner prefers
– Your perspective — when it is requested


A few examples of what women say about their listening sessions:

“I get a sense of wholeness and cohesiveness when I am speaking to someone and I know I am being heard and seen…. It’s hard to verbalize because it is an experience.”

The way this person shared with me inspired me to want to cultivate myself.”

“I can just sit there spinning my wheels, but if I have someone I can say ‘hey, I have this idea’ to, then that helps me make much more sense of what’s in my head.”

Experience Women's Listening Space

(October 16 – December 15, 2023)

A free introductory conversation is a great way to learn more and get all your questions answered!

Your free introduction to Women’s Listening Space is a conversation with the founder, Melina Ponak. She will be in touch within 3 business days to find a time to meet with you. 

Looking forward to connecting!