Monthly Membership to Women’s Listening Space

1st Month (Onboarding)

Your first month gets you set up to reap the benefits of the Space during your personalized 1:1 Onboarding Session

We make sure you have all the information you need and all your questions are answered!

One-time only - $90 USD

Monthly Membership

  • Unlimited drop-in listening sessions
  • Personalized introductions to listening partners
  • Networking through our ‘Announcements and Invitations’ email

$60 USD per month

We Offer Discount Credits!

Earn a 25% discount credit by co-hosting a drop-in session with another member. 

Use 2 discount credits to get up to 50% off your next month 

We have a discount credit bank for anyone needing a discount!

  • We donate four discount credits to the bank every month
  • Members can save up credits or donate them to the bank
  • Any member can request up to 2 of those credits per month
  • Discount credits are available while supplies last 
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